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Lost and found tags

Email is sent to you when found!

Now your important items (Car Keys, etc.) can find their way back to you. We store your email address and send you an alert when your item is found by someone. Simple, but invaluable! Get Yours Now! Ideal Gift!

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irish made - support irish made goodsLost and Found Key Tags
(double-sided plastic tag)


White 54mm wide x 28mm high. Attach to key rings.

keytag - lost and found ID

(Ideal for Car / House keys)
Our anonymous alert service lets you get back keys without divulging any of your personal information.

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irish made - support irish made goodsLost and Found Luggage Tags
(plastic tag)


White 85mm wide x 54mm high. Attach to luggage and baggage for traveling.

keytag - lost and found ID

(Ideal for travel bags / luggage)
Anonymous alerts sent


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Lost and Found Labels
(6 pack of vinyl labels)


35mm wide x 10mm high. Apply to dry, smooth hard surfaces like plastic / metal.

silver label pack of 6

(Ideal for iPhones, kindles, gadgets)

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How it works

[1] Buy some tags or labels

We post out the labels within 1-2 business days.

[2] Once you get them Register your ID (Free)

Each product has a unique ID reference which is used to contact you in the event of a lost item. This is done anonymously without showing any of your contact details.

[3] Attach them to your gadgets, valuables, keys etc.

iPhones, iPads, smartphones, wallet, passport, handbag, car keys or anything else you can think of. If someone finds an item you have lost, they can contact you directly through this website.

*Free postage applies to orders over 20 euro

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register your labels

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What customers say

"OMG! I lost my car keys before and don't want it to happen again. They cost 150 euro to replace! "
Gabrielle, Co Dublin
"I tried out some of the labels with my family. If one of them loses their phone now we can easily get it back! Fab! "
Christy W., Lucan
"I have the key tags. I have lost keys in the past on nights out - Some of which are hard to get copies of. This will help me get them back! "
Keith M., Clondalkin