Lost and found tags

About us

We are a new Dublin-based lean startup. We are a small team and are focused on delivering a great service.

We hope everyone finds our service useful and easy to use. Please feel free to give us feedback on anything at all.

We found that many people find it hard to return items as they don't know how to contact the owner. Our labels and web site allow people to return items with ease.


How it came about

After reading about Lean Startup and attending a seminar we decided to take the plunge and create our minimum viable product. So here we are!


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What customers say

"OMG! I lost my car keys before and don't want it to happen again. They cost 150 euro to replace! "
Gabrielle, Co Dublin
"I tried out some of the labels with my family. If one of them loses their phone now we can easily get it back! Fab! "
Christy W., Lucan
"I have the key tags. I have lost keys in the past on nights out - Some of which are hard to get copies of. This will help me get them back! "
Keith M., Clondalkin